Knock, and it shall be opened...
Written by Jon Tobey on February 1st 2020
This proverb is probably the most adequate I have come across, in reference to a winning mindset and perseverance. More often than not I hear it thrown around as some sort of pseudo-motivational mantra, which is fine, if that’s your bag. To me, however, it means something entirely different, something practical. I said this phrase was adequate in reference to perseverance for a reason. Oftentimes, when people hear this age-old adage they interpret it to mean “Knock once, and it shall be opened”. In my opinion this is a little naive at best.

You see, I interpret this maxim a little differently. I believe it means “Keep knocking, and it shall be opened”.

Knock until the door opens.

If it still hasn’t happened...

Knock the hinges off.

Sometimes you might have to knock a hole in the door and reach through and unlock it from the other side. Still not working? Come back with an axe and knock more effectively.

These days, aphorisms like this are thrown around the entrepreneurial space like confetti at a kid’s birthday party, and for good reason.

At times, motivational quotes like these seem to be the fuel we need to power through another day of uncertainty.... another day of the grind. The underlying problem with this solution lies in it’s transience. Motivational quotes are a temporary solution to a lasting problem.

Don’t get me wrong, a temporary solution is far better than no solution at all. However, what we really need is something lasting. Something permanent. What we need is inspiration. Inspiration to keep going… Inspiration to keep knocking... Inspiration to get creative.

Inspiration opens doors.

What we truly need, is a way to leverage short-term motivation into a fuel source for our greater sense of inspiration. When we accomplish this, something magical happens.

When I finally grasped this concept, doors I had been knocking on for years finally began to open, and then something amazing happened. I started to build momentum. Momentum is the X Factor.
You see, if you are able to use temporary motivation to achieve small wins, you can leverage these early successes into a state of perpetual inspiration. It’s like using matches to start a wildfire.

So, the next time you scroll past one of these motivational memes on your news feed, take a second to consider… 

is it a match?… 

or fuel for a wildfire.

Jon Tobey

Jon Tobey is a time management consultant who helps his clients find true fulfillment. He is an expert at helping people using proven methods, and making things super simple to understand.
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