Are you spending your time or investing it?
Written by Jon Tobey on January 1st 2020
I get this question all the time… “ Why would you spend all that time researching productivity and time management, instead of just doing something productive instead?”

Funnily enough, the answer is in the question. I was doing something productive.

Now to be fair, if everyone spent all of their time researching how to be productive, and no one did anything productive, the entire economy would come to a screeching halt. The separator here is my motivation for learning these skills. I wasn’t spending all my time, I was investing it.

You see, many people use the term “researching” as a coverall because it sounds nice. It sounds productive. They probably think it is.

There is a veritable cornucopia of terms with similar meaning. They’re the “busy words”. We all use them. Unfortunately, more often than not, these sugar-coated niceties are describing something entirely different… procrastination.

“I’m doing research” rolls off the tongue a lot smoother than “I’m actively avoiding what I know I should be doing by telling myself this is productive” doesn’t it?

When I began this journey of research and strategy development I was in crisis mode. I was burnt out, unfulfilled, working 90-100 hours a week and not seeing the results I thought I deserved. Somewhere along my journey into entrepreneurship I had picked up the notion that entrepreneurial phrases like “Hustle Harder”, “Welcome to the Grind” and #TeamNoSleep meant brute-forcing your way through 16 hour days of menial tasks.

I knew there had to be a better way. I had already spent hundreds of hours making cold calls, knocking on doors, sending direct messages, building websites... you name it, I tried it, and yet I wasn’t getting the results.

Don’t get me wrong, I got some results, but not the results. The Instagram results. The ones with the hashtags I wrote on my whiteboard like a lighthouse in a storm, thinking they would guide me home. They didn’t.

One day I snapped. I turned off my phone, muted my email notifications, and I got to work. Real work. I had to figure out how they did it. The ones I saw online all the time, boasting success and glorifying the grind. What I found surprised me. Most of it was fluff. It didn’t exist. Rented cars and hired models. They were putting on a show for likes, follows, and sales. I dug in further and I couldn’t believe what I found. The people I had idolized for so long, were unfulfilled. They were burnt out. Just like I was. Some had truly found success, some hadn’t, but none of them were happy.

So I changed courses. I decided to find people who were happy. People who were wildly successful and who accomplished their successes while leading calm, joyful, fulfilling lives... and I found them. There weren’t many, but they were out there. So I went all in.
I spent three years and thousands of hours studying them. Every minute I had was invested in learning what they knew. Did they have secrets? Did they have systems? Did they have tools? I needed it all.

I was obsessed.

I knew that if I sacrificed a few years learning the methods of the happiest and most fulfilled icons of success I could find… that I would gain those years back exponentially over the course of my life.

I invested those years to buy back my sanity…

and I learned how to buy back time itself.

Jon Tobey

Jon Tobey is a time management consultant who helps his clients find true fulfillment. He is an expert at helping people using proven methods, and making things super simple to understand.
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